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Omni Solutions Dispatch™©  Simple Secure Profitable

 “It has saved us a gigantic amount of time, the value of that time is incalculable,” Lewis HIll - Fort Berthold Services

Integration Simplify business needs from dispatch to invoicing

Flexibility  Customize each job for simple dispatch fulfillment

Real-Time Data Expand profitability with real-time dashboard statistics

Paperless Billing Streamline processing with FAST, efficient paperless billing

Production Well Management Manage time critical production and flow back data

Secure Cloud Based Management Secure and mobile system access from any internet location

Android App and SMS field Communications Leverage APP and SMS Technology for reliable oilfield communication

In-Field Ticket Processing Create your own “Omni Presence” with electronic, in-field ticket printing 

Interactive Invoicing Eliminate the paper runners and hassles since now customers and vendors can approve Invoices on their own web portal!

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