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Ensure that your fleet is in top-notch condition and in use at the right locations


  • Manage any type of vehicle
  • Trailers are managed separately
  • Vehicle diagnostics tracking
  • Customizable dashboards
  • Integration with BreakerLog ELD software tracks vehicle issues and their resolution on DVIRs
  • Track maintenance schedules



Request work and manage it's fulfillment


  • Producers or dispatch centers can create requests for work, and then track the fulfillment of the request
  • Create and manage a wide variety of jobs including water, oil, aggregates, equipment, parts & supplies, etc
  • Track rental of equipment




Dispatch work directly to drivers with electronic tickets, and auto-dispatch


  • Dispatch from anywhere, sending tickets right to the driver's mobile device
  • Auto-dispatch allows drivers to work independently, while work is monitored, and audited by the dispatch center
  • In-field electronic ticket processing, including ELD, ensures accurate information, and eliminates ghost loads




Assurance that work billed and paid for is legitimate


  • Completed tickets flow directly to invoices that can be submitted electronically or via paper to producers and carriers
  • Interactive invoicing allows producers to review invoices prior to submittal to ensure that only legitimate work will be paid for
  • OmniPay allows producers to electronically pay their service providers, which reduces the risk of fraud, and creates a loyal partner base
  • Integration with accounting/AR systems



Complete visibility into operations with customizable dashboards, and ad hoc reporting


  • Create customizable dashboards as a producer, dispatch center, or carrier to manage your work, and track revenue and cost kpi's
  • Use QueryBuilder to create ad hoc reports that help you provide a deep dive look into your KPI's
  • Save your QueryBuilder reports for future use
  • Lookup data for any system object, displaying lists with sorting and filtering capabilities



Complete and continuous visibility and tracking of assets


  • Inventory assets
  • Track location of assets (Supports RFID)
  • Rent assets and track rentals
  • Notify fuel island of assets to prepare for delivery


Greater efficiency and confidence in storage levels for optimal service


  • Virtual storages allow you to create any type of storage needed to support your work
  • Ability to use SCADA data for well tracking and feed results back to the producer
  • Advanced algorithm for projecting storage levels
  • Supports tracking multiple fluids in a single tank
  • Storage level alert levels and event notifications to dispatch

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