oil producer features and benefits

Indisputable data from the cab of the truck all the way to the oil & gas company,

giving you complete confidence that work being paid for was fulfilled as requested.


Cloud Based paperless ticket management

Interactive Invoicing


GEO Tracking

GEO Fencing

Well Management SCADA Integration

Report Widgets and ERP integration

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Access from any web browser on computer, field tablet, even smart phones

You get easy 24/7 access to the vital information that guarantees you’re getting the service you pay for.  Journaling provides audit for every detail of every load.

Cloud based invoice processing for paperless invoice review and approval



Reduce your back office invoice approval and processing costs.  Cloud access allows production managers, field superintendents, pumpers and invoice processors to review invoices on line any time to dispute or approve before submittal for payment.  Includes secure electronic document signing like DocuSign.

leverages the MasterCard network in providing single use Virtual Cards for simple secure supplier payments

Reduce your losses from over payment or miss payment.  Link payments directly to Supplier Invoices. OmniPay connects with your ERP systems for complete transaction level reporting.

per driver, load, or asset

You get complete supplier transparency with interactive maps that display location of assets assigned to your work.  The instant route replay shows load progress with bread crumb trails providing full details of routes taken, Linger times, speeds, and time stamps.  Easily answer who, where, and when if there is a spill or illegal dumping.

Satellite technology establishes an electronic fence around physical locations

No Ghost Loads -  Drivers must be within the geo fence to complete each stage of the ticket.  Location arrival and departure times automatically augment electronic ticket history.

Secure scheduled tank level updates to your service providers well management module

With OmniDispatch SCADA Integrated well management your service providers can deliver timely service to your production sites while reducing costs of strapping tanks, Pumper notifications, and looking for water.  No more spills or shut ins.

Reports and system integration allows easy data flow from OmniDispatch to your own systems

View live reports of all your Service provider ticket details including route turn times, volumes, in the omni portal.  Automatically integrate OmniDispatch ticket data into your own systems

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