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Customizable dashboards

Customizable dashboards provide a wide variety of views into data that help the dispatch center operate more efficiently, and ensure that the operations are being executed as per the manager’s expectations.


  • Ability to create a wide variety of jobs/routes that support many types of producer service requests. High flexibility has been built into the product to support dispatch centers. Once created a job or route does not need to be touched again unless the nature of the work changes.
  • Ability to manage various storages being serviced by the dispatch center. Dispatch centers have flexibility to set up any type of storage needed to reflect the producer service request.
  • Ability to manage carriers, drivers, trucks, and trailers helping the dispatch center ensure that the right drivers and trucks are available when needed.
  • Automated dispatching capabilities and electronic infield ticket processing makes dispatching easy and provides indisputable data on work being performed. Features such as auto-dispatch, site geofencing, and driver fixes provide efficiency and assurance that work is being performed as requested.
  • Risk management and Safety is a powerful feature derived from OmniDispatch’s efficient data warehousing of all your data. You are able to easily know who, where, what, and when in real time or at any time in the past. Responsibility is easily affixed to all facets of your operations.
  • Ability to manage assets (inventory) that can be rented to customers. Track assets as they are moved from location to location and manage the rental of those assets.
  • Ability to prepare customer (producer) invoices with the flexibility to configure the invoice to meet the needs of specific producers. Interactive invoicing is a new feature that can simplify the entire invoicing process by allowing the dispatch center to electronically submit a draft invoice to the producer for review, and for the producer to request changes prior to final submittal.
  • Ability to drill into data by creating ad hoc reports through QueryBuilder. This feature gives the power user the ability to help management really get into the details of their operations to generate data needed to track key performance measures (KPIs).


completion & production support



    • All types of water hauling


    • Fueling gensets and other equipment


    • Oil hauling


    • Aggregates (sand & gravel, etc.)


    • Propants


    • Hydro-excavation


    • Rig moves


    • Roustabout


    • Asset rental


    • Parts & supplies


    • Pusher and other employee tracking

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